Sunflower Farm Creamery

Nigerian Dwarf Dairy

Welcome to Sunflower Farm - where all the romance of farm life is still very much a reality. Looking for delicious local cheese made in small daily batches? You have come to the right place. May-October, our feta, chevre, yogurt, caramels, fudge and cajeta are available Fri-Sun 10:30-5 in our self serve farm shop. Come check out what is available, then relax a bit and watch the goats grazing in the field.

We giggle when folks visiting ask us if all the goats have names. Not only do they all have names, they all have distinct calls we know even from the kitchen, they each have preferences for their favorite treats, and places they most love to be scratched. In the milkroom, each mama has their own approach to our time together: Matilda likes to be milked without her head closed in to the head gate. GoGo insists that she be milked one side at a time. After Rosemary is milked, she waits on the milk stand for a few minutes of love before she is ready to hop down and go about her day. And Elsie looks right at our kitchen window and calls us to the barn each morning while we are getting our coffee brewed.

There are lots of hot words in the sustainable food movement. Some mean very different things depending on who is using them and for what purpose, but for us, “local” dairy products are unique because each bite is intimately connected to the way the animals at our farm live. Even a town over, the goats are eating different grass, enjoying a different breeze, their milk is not from Stella and Fern and Cinnamon. We find great joy in sharing our lovely goats with visitors so that when they eat our chèvre or feta or yogurt or caramels, they taste even better because they are remembering a sunny summer day in the field with our herd. Hopefully you can taste the love.

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Yoga at the Farm Class #2 Led by Shelley Snodgrass

Evening is the most magical time on the farm. The animals are sleepy, the light is other worldly and everything looks green and fresh. We thought it would be great fun to pair all this great feeling of the farm with June yoga classes in the field!

The first class on Thursday June 2nd from 5:30-6:30 will be led by (my favorite yoga teacher...I'm beyond excited!) Gretchen Campos of Greener Postures. Gretchen Campos has cherished the practice of asana since just about the first time she was on a borrowed mat in a cramped bedroom following a VHS tape in January 2000. Through exploring yoga and developing a deeper awareness of the whole practice, she was able to find consistency and stability in a sometimes geographically widespread life. She thanks all the fellow students she has practiced amongst in all the corners of the country she has visited. She completed her 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training with Prana Power Yoga in Cambridge, MA in 2007. Leading classes since then, she constantly strives to provide a mindful and breath centered practice while sharing an attitude of lightness with her fellow practitioners.

The following week on Thursday June 9th at the same time, we will have Shelley Snodgrass teach a class. Shelley is a recent graduate of Boston Yoga School's 200 hour teacher training through Freeport Yoga Company. As a teacher, she aims to hold space within her classes where students may flow through thoughtful movement, find balance, explore and honor their individual intentions. She is excited to share her love of yoga and for the opportunity to practice in the warm and welcoming space of the farm.

Then for week three, Thursday June 16th Gretchen Campos will return. 

If you all love the class or classes you attend, we will schedule more.  

Both teachers practice and teach Vinyassa style yoga. 

Gather in the field next to the goat pasture at Sunflower Farm at 5:15-5:30 (weatherpermitting) with a yoga mat and water. Meet other awesome people who love good things! We will start class at 5:30 and enjoy an hour of amazing exercise, meditation and movement --just for YOU! 

Love it? Make a donation to pay for the class which will be split between farm and instructor. Then stay if you like to visit a bit with the herd in the pasture and snuggle a baby goat. 

Sign up below for any or all of the three classes if you know you can come, or show up that night. We have limited parking so carpooling would be great. 

All levels welcome! We will provide a fun chance to visit and move together, led by a trained instructor, but your participation in the class is at your own risk.

Hope to see you in the field!